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2nd January 2012

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this is neat

this is neat

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24th December 2011

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Goddamn, another summer in the city and 
I never seen a girl look so pretty as you 
When you smile oh you’re wild for a while 
I was hoping I might see you again 
And I know that everybody is willing to go 
And I find I’ll turn it all and leave on a dime 
If I leave tonight, screw what’s right, I can make it home by dawn

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25th August 2011

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If life’s not beautiful without the pain, well I’d just rather never, ever even see beauty again.
— Modest Mouse (via traskers)

One of the best lines I’ve ever heard sung

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27th July 2011

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My favorite part of Streetlight Manifesto’s ‘We Are the Few’

"So come clean
No one should have have to live with the things you’ve seen
But you’re living anyway
So I stop the car and put her in park
And I step outside (god I hate this part)
What I see what I saw what I thought was a lie;
it was more than a chore I’m just doing what I need to get by
I don’t care if you leave or stay might as well split
Cause it’s not the same as it was
When we said our last goodbye
And if you want the truth: I was hoping one of us would pass away
Because it’d be much easier then
We could all get together and think about when
We were young we were dumb we were numb but in love
And I’m done so I’m sending out this letter today”

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