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19th August 2011

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Plan on circumcising your child-with-penis? →





Here are some facts regarding circumcision that most parents are unaware of, and some websites and many physicians fail to mention. We thought you should know them.

  • About 117 infants-with-penis die each year in the United States as a result of their circumcision, most from infections or blood loss.
  • The current U.S. circumcision rate is steadily declining. In 2010 it was 32% . That’s a huge drop from 56% in 2006 and 65% in 2002.
  • Most physicians do not have their infants-with-penis circumcised. Why not, if circumcision is medically advisable? Since most have performed the surgery as part of their training, they are the ones who should know more about its consequences than anyone else.
  • Contrary to frequent claims, infants do feel pain as intensely as adults, and very possibly even more. 
  • Circumcision regularly removes a shocking 3/4 of the penis’s sensitivity through the removal of the ridged band, foreskin “lips,” and most often the entire frenulum
  • Anesthesia is used in only 45% of circumcisions; the type of anesthetic varies. The most effective method does not eliminate all pain, and the most common type used, a topical creme, does almost nothing to reduce it. In fact, a major clinical test of the various types of anesthetics, on actual infants, was halted for humane reasons because of the intense pain.
  • As adults, adults-with penis circumcised in infancy are 4.5 times more likely to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED). They are also 1.6 times more likely to suffer from alexithymia, a psychological trait disorder which causes difficulty in identifying and expressing one’s emotions. 
  • Circumcision has never been proven to be effective in either reducing or treating cervical cancer, penile cancer, urinary tract infections, or sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS. 
  • Not one medical association in America, or anywhere else in the world, recommends infant circumcision; some even recommend against it.

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please try to ignore the cissexism in the writing as I don’t have the energy to re-word it and just go on the assumption that all MAAB people are cis.

Woha, I did not know this.

Edited for cissexism, please let me know if I missed anything.

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