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2nd July 2011

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God created everything

Right?  So man and woman.  And before the eating of the fruit there was no sin, right?  And no death or some crap like that.  God’s only big thing was not to eat the fruit of The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Disobeying God’s orders would be sinning, so Adam and Eve only had to make sure not to eat from that tree, because if they did, they would learn what sin was.

Wait…I think I skipped a step there.  Adam and Eve didn’t know what sin was…disobeying God is a sin…God told them not to eat from the tree…  Okay, I get it!  God deliberately left Adam and Eve without the concept of sin, knowing that they would not recognize the consequences of eating the fruit before actually eating the fruit.

The omnibenevolent God to whom so many dearly dedicate their lives set Adam and Eve up to fail, putting them naked in the garden, knowing they would cause the downfall of mankind.

Your fairy tale God is an asshole who sat idly by and let his creation unknowingly damn every person ever.

Side note - every thing I’ve read says that it was a serpent, not Satan as a serpent.  So saying that the devil caused sin is just plain silly.

This book has a less coherent plot than a freakin’ Michael Bay film.

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