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25th August 2012


go-bright-light said: What are your thoughts on the fact that almost all atheists are liberal?

Ya know, I’m not sure. It’s something I’ve tried to think about a lot but never been able to get a good read on. I certainly know numerous atheists who are more conservative but it seems to be an exception rather than the rule. It’s also difficult to say whether atheism is the cause or the effect. I think it might come from the more free-thinking and accepting and rational mindset that seems to be central to liberal ideologies. The ability to think about how one’s beliefs affect others. I think that’s why you also see the religious liberals trying to keep religion out of politics. But like I said, it’s something I’ve personally thought about with no real answer. I’d certainly like to do more reading and research on the subject. And at the same time there are a lot of dick atheists out there too :p followers, feel free to correct or berate me or add your thoughts!

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