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5th August 2012

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On love, cigarettes, and other combustible things

The snow falls like the ashes of my old life that you just set aflame
You light two cigarettes with the blowtorch and, as I stare on in shocked wonder, you stick one between my lips

You and the snow are so cool, calm
My heart and the tip of my cigarette are BURNING

This is new and I’m nervous so I finish my last 100 in record time
You know this routine, though, and are barely halfway through your 72

No words - pure understanding - we lock lips and you breathe your bullshit menthol cancer into my lungs

I exhale through my nose, feeling like you - like the dragon

The cloud ascends, the last smokey tendrils rising from my nostrils like the smokey tendrils rising from the embers of my past sitting before us in the yard

"well," I say
The smoke spilling from your mouth, you respond only with “yep”

Two words, that’s it
We don’t need to talk
You know what I’m thinking, you feel my heart
Words are pointless
Pointless as this broken pencil
These pencils I break when I can’t write and I can’t think
And right now I can’t write and I can’t think
This IS poetry - silent poetry
UN-written word, un-SPOKEN word

Just silence, just you, just me
The ash-snow falls and melts in my hair and on my exposed arms
The smoldering rubble in the dead grass and the fire in my dead chest keep me warm in this worn out t-shirt

We go inside, back to bed, lying in each others arms until God turns the dimmer switch to off and still when He starts turning the light of the world back on
You’re the light of my world, the dimmer is never off

The dimmer is always on but the sun is never overbearing
The sky is filled with clouds, preventing the sun from giving us cancer
The clouds of our smoke as we give ourselves cancer
Constant smoke and juice breaks
Marlboros and Newports
Tropicana, Minute Maid, Hi-C
They keep us hydrated and energized so we can keep going back to bed
Again. Again. Again.
We fuck and cuddle, fuck and cuddle

This is my new life; drinking as much as I’m smoking; we match each other shot for shot, drag for drag

Playing with fire has never been so fun
This life of arson
Living fast, dying young

We kill ourselves every night and arise in the morning, resurrected Jesuses with hangovers and lung kittens

We’re burning fast and won’t stay alight much longer
Like Tom Waits, smoking each other down to the filter

The last ash falls to the ground, one drag too soon, and when it’s over I realize that…I’m holding the torch
You handed it off, changing of the guard
Now your previous life is burning down, I am stuck standing alone in the middle of the flames
You walk away, leaving me behind so I can do for another what you’ve for for me

I put the next cigarette to my lips and let the surrounding blaze light it up

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